Lingua+ Project


Innovative host-country language learning through socio-cultural inclusion and empathy 

The project Lingua+ goes straight into the heart of the urgent matter of immigrant integration in Europe. A basic knowledge of the host -country language is a crucial factor in determining integration success across Europe, including Iceland as a relatively new destination for immigrants. Our experience tells us that existing methodologies and learning scenarios designed for adult immigrant learners lack a holistic approach. 

Lingua+ brings innovation into the linguistic integration of immigrants by offering tools to language teachers through state of the art methodologies and practices embedded into socio-cultural interplay. The acquisition of means to express the learner’s own diverse identity through the process of adaption to a new cultural environment are essential components of the Lingua+ approach. 

During the project, the following outputs will be delivered:

The Repository of innovation in teaching a second language for adult learners;

The Study on existing practices for social inclusion aiming at different dimensions of the education process; 

The Handbook and Multimedia presentation of Lingua+ innovative Learning Paths for language teachers, trainers and volunteers; 

The MOOC (Mass Open Online Course) enabling teachers with know-how on Lingua+ methods and practices through F2F training;

The Mobile App will define a form–based approach on enriching the results of project outputs facilitating the widest possible use of project results and contributing to the establishment of a vivid community of users across Europe and worldwide. 

In the second half of 2018, a series of workshops in partner countries will be held, with the aim to test Lingua+ tools for host-country language teaching. Working versions of the main tools will be handed to the educators and trainers for further practical testing. Feedback, advices, recommendations and other insight will be a priceless added value and will be taken into account for further adjustments of the outputs. 

The partnership consists of organisations from Iceland, Great Britain, Italy, Cyprus and Czech Republic.