Repository of innovations in teaching host country language to migrants and refugees

The output will be the result of a research made by the partners. It will be a collection of entries aiming to bring ideas and practices in teaching host countries’ language to migrants and refugees and to stimulate new thinking and experimentation. 

It will contain descriptions and links of innovative experiences and studies from a variety of academic and non academic international contexts. Entries will include categories such as: academic literature: books, articles published in specialised journals; research projects; PhD Thesis; EU funded research projects, LLP and Erasmus+ projects; non academic literature: experiences and reports;  online resources; internet tools;  social networks; other.

The Repository will be an OER, made available on the project platform through a set of web pages summarising the entries and including relevant links, for all those language teachers, trainers, social workers, students, volunteers, policy makers with an interest in the field.