Lingua+ Teacher Training Course Guide and MOOC

The Guide will provide the basis of the programme that will enable teachers with know-how on Lingua+ methods and practices through F2F training. This will be completed by a MOOC for online training through the EPALE portal of the Commission. 

Output 5 will build on Output 3 and 4. The output has a great potential for transferability as it will be used for new regular training offers within the partner institutions and will be included as Lingua+ Course in the School Education Gateway of the Commission. The Course will also be offered to NGOs, centres, associations deealing with teaching host country language to migrants and refugees.The Lingua+ MOOC, being an online course, will have the potential of reaching an even larger number of users. 

The Guide will  be uploaded on the project platform and will be an Open Educational Resource of  Lingua+,  under Creative Commons (CC) license, for the benefit of trainers, teachers, volunteers, language experts, policy makers in Europe and beyond.